We travel the world

We know what it’s like to travel and seek a fun dance experience that draws you to the real culture of a place, to join the regulars and get up to their kind of safe but freeing fun. Forget staged experiences or tour guides that the locals don’t even explore. We become the locals in all the places we visit. Be it that unique thing you love about the dance culture in other countries or what you only experience back at home, we seek to bring it to you.

We get fit

Incorporating our travel experiences into a dance fitness sessions requires more than just stamina and a love for music. It requires both heart and knowledge, our choreographer has obtained an internationally recognised fitness qualification from HFPA (Health and Fitness Professionals Association) Academy and completed her training for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, AED, Dance Teaching, Zumba, and various qualifications while employed as a professional gym instructor. We enrich our knowledge in fitness.

We strech ourselves

We work on a world clock and love it! Trot Your Globe believes in 24 hours of sunshine, if you’re having a dark day, someone on the opposite end of the world is enjoying daylight, we simply choose to feed off bright energy and chase it across continents and cultures. We travel, blog & workout, this is only done through committing to what we love and it all works out to the benefit of our vision, to embrace individuality as a unit. We’re prepared to go the extra mile, you need to stretch to feel less pain after any exercise


Trot Your Globe (Pty) Ltd is a South African company offering dance-arobics sessions, fitness events and wellness services to corporates, event organisers and production houses.

Professional instructors travel the world to entranch themselves in trending cultures and dances, these are then infused to choregraph an all-inclusive workout that benefits muscle groups. What stands us out from the rest, is the customised and personal delivery of our services, we globe-trot to embrace your heritage. Our travel experiences will certainly ensure that no information is lost in translation with co-workers, clients, and most importantly ourselves.

The nostalgic music selection is what lies in the heart of Trot Your Globe. If you think fun, authentic, positive, impact & natural, then you're thinking of Trot Your Globe.


Recent Blog

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Travel - Los Angeles & California

July 2019 31

Kirsten’s first ever bike-ride was across the San Francisco bridge, looking back two years later, and she’s completed a whole 94.7km cycle challenge!

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June 2019 5

Publications about Trot Your Globe & Ambassadors

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Events - Johannesburg - South Africa

June 2019 21

We collaborated with the globe-trotting South African DJ Shimza .

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Events - Johannesburg - South Africa

16 November 2018 26

For International Men's Day we hosted a

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Travel - South Africa

January 2019 23

With 11 official languages, and array of cultures, South Africa’s beauty lies in it’s diversity. You’ll find that every culture is represented in all major cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

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Travel - Paris - France

March 2017 28

Paris France, a dream location

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Meet our Globe trotter

Her passion for dance is the force behind our diverse set of choreography skills. Toka trots beyond her hip hop and ballet back ground to master global rhythms.

Group Exercise Instructor - Choreographer - Dance Teacher - Featured Television Commercials Dancer


Toka Lintsa


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